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Petition to Mrs Irina Bokova , General Director of Unesco

Petition to Mrs Irina Bokova , General Director of Unesco

Europe-Israel and Aschkel Info are launching a petition against two iniquitous decisions by Unesco to remove Rachel's Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs from the Jewish cultural heritage and history in order to make them Muslim places of worship.

The petition also requests that the appropriation of Maimonides as an alleged Muslim scholar must be corrected in the report "on the state of science in the Arab States by Adnan Badran " as a pure act of revisionism, whereas it is historically proven that Moses Maimonides was one of the greatest Jewish scholars of the Spanish Golden age and remains one of the masters of Judaic thought .
Petition to Mrs Irina Bokova , General Director of Unesco

Madam General Director,

The European people is stupefied by the recent measures taken by Unesco , regarding Rachel's Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs’.

Whether we are laic , Christians or Jews , the two decisions taken by Unesco are shocking to the entire Judeo-Christian Western world.

The European people joins the various Jewish communities to remind the following points :

1/ Request 184 Ex 37 by UNESCO's Executive Board to remove Rachel's Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs from the Israeli National Heritage and to call it "Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque" is an unjust decision without historical basis and an outrage to the whole Judeo-Christian world for the following reasons:

– The monument has always been named  "Rachel's Tomb" since the beginning of recorded history not only by Jews, but by Christians and Muslim as well.

– For the first time in 1996, without any historical , cultural or religious foundation, the name "Bila Bin Rabah Mosque" was mentioned.

– In 1615 Rachel's Tomb was attributed exclusively to the Jews by the pasha of Jerusalem. In 1841 it was purchased by the English Jewish leader Moses Montefiore from Turkish authorities. Out of respect, the same Moses Montefiore, built a mihrab adjacent to the building. Rachel's Tomb is a famous place of pilgrimage for Jews. It does not represent any particular interest to any other religion.

By endorsing an ideological and very recent renaming, Unesco is joining an attempt to deny Jewish memory from places of worship where its ancestors have lived and prayed for millennia.

2/ The second outrageous and incomprehensible measure is the choice of Tehran to hold the November 23-25, 2010 symposium of philosophy under the auspices of UNESCO.

It is unbearable to see Unesco honor a government that keeps its people under a regime of terror and denial of basic human rights, especially as regards to women, a governement that stays in power after faked election results and that continually threatens the annihilation of Israel, a full member of the UN.


What is the contribution of the totalitarian Iranian regime to philosophical reflection? Will stoning be part of the topic ?

Madam General Director, UNESCO was established on the basis of beautiful and noble ambitions. In the past it happened to fall under the influence of political pressure by violating the requirements of truth at the base of all authentic education. This led to the shameful 1974 declaration on Zionism as racism. Today, again, UNESCO is at the crossroads.

Education, progress and philosophy deserve to draw their examples from elsewhere than the Iranian regime. Your election was greeted with joy by advocates of democracy and freedom. Tomorrow what will remain of those hopes?

3 / We have been amazed when reading the report on the state of science in the Arab States written by Adnan Badran, to read that "between 1100 and 1350, during the first part of the European Middle Ages (1100-1543), the names of some European scholars appeared in the scientific literature next to a large number of Muslim scholars, including Ibn Rushd (Averroes), Moussa Ibn Maimoun (Maimonides), Tousi and Ibn Nafis "

Is it necessary to remind your esteemed institution that Maimonides was one of the greatest Jewish scholars of the Spanish Golden Age, and remains one of the Masters of Judaism thought ?

Moses Maimonides (Hebrew: ??? ??? ?? ????? HaRav Moshe ben Maimon, acronym ?) ??? "?) (Ha) Rambam, Arabic: ??? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ??????? ???????
Omran Abu Musa ibn Abdullah ibn al-Maimoun Kourtoubi al-Yahoudi "Moses son of Abdullah son of Maimoun the Cordovan Jew, Greek Μωυσ?ς Μα?μον?δης Moyses Maimonides) is an Andalusian Rabbi of the XIIth century.

This attempt to rewrite history by slowly erasing 4000 years of history of Judaism and Christianity is similar to revisionism.

If UNESCO continues on this road, the Western world will clearly see that this institution is now under the sole influence of the Organization of Islamic Conference. UNESCO will eventually lose all credibility and its reason to exist.

That is the reason why, the European people specifically ask you to withdraw these various decisions, and to correct the voluntary error made on Maimonides

Sincerely yours


Journaliste québécois, pro-atlantiste, pro-israélien,pro-occidental

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  • 11 thoughts on “Petition to Mrs Irina Bokova , General Director of Unesco

    1. Robert Grayson

      Mrs. Bokova,

      It is UNBEARABLE to see thousands of years of history DENIED by an ACCREDITED organization for the « expediency » of buckling to the pressure of falsehoods espoused by the new legal attack on the legitimacy of the Jewish presence in the Middle East, a presence that has remained unbroken for nearly 2,500 years – during which Arabs did NOT occupy nor live in the areas known as Judea, Sumeria, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Sianai.

      To remain an honest non-profit, you MUST recognize history as it is, and not change it for the convenience of those who would deny the history of the Jewish people who were there long before Muslims came into being.

      I have always had respect for UNESCO – this is a test of credibility. Will you stand for truth and provable historical fact, or be swept up in the current charade of revisionism being perpetrated by those whose only goal is to delegitimize Israel? Tell us, Mrs. Bokova!

    2. Catherine

      This is a desecration of human rights, specially of the rights of the Jews to their ancestral homes and monuments. Even in past documents from centuries past, even the Muslims acknowledged what the tombs of Rachel and the Jewish forefathers. Why must UNESCO purposely do such antagonistic and disrespectful actions while denying what even the Muslims have written down? Stop it!

    3. Rev Dennis F. Burns

      Are You trying to provoke God and bring His Wrath down on The Earth? If so, You are headed in the right direction, Thus sayith The Church of Gospel Minisitry, Iowa Certifate of Authority #188.

    4. Robert Grayson

      Revision of History is a lie. De-legitimization of The Hebrew People – who have had their right and true history chronicled throughout the ages for over 5771 years by myriad civilizations in stone – would be an obsenity upon the books of history not seen on such a scale – until now.

      If UNESCO acquiesces to the demands of « religious » newcomers onto the scene of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the land of ancient Israel to re-name a grave that pre-dates their religion by Carbon-14 dating by hundreds of years to belong to THEM, followers of Muhammad – who was not BORN until hundreds of years after Rachel died and was buried in her toumb, it would be a disgrace not only to the scholars of history, but to the credibility of UNESCO as a legitimate organization of historical accuracy.

    5. Samantha

      The HELL with the U.N., the HELL with the UNESCO … the HELL with islam!! FOCK THEM ALL!!!!
      Don’t you guys see how the petro$dollars are buying ALL THE POLITICIANS OF THE WORLD???
      Soon Moses will be also a muslim, as well as King Solomon and King David. JAJAJAJA

    6. Julius Tato

      Please read your historical book about Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs. Quran never recorded about Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs. UNESCO is board for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. If you remove Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs from the Jewish cultural heritage and history in order to make them Muslim places of worship, UNESCO is not for educational, scientific and cultural organization again but UNESCO only for muslim educational, muslim scientific and muslim cultural. Thank you for your attention.



    7. Katia Spiegelman

      Unesco should not try to change history , Europe is already dead because of muslim immigration and now Unesco wants to change historical name to give more place and recognition to the muslim faith in Israel . Unesco should disapear and not be able to survive in the name of whatever community ? what would they think about that? . Please don’t try to redo the history and leave those hitorical tombs as it is . What a shame to have an organization who try to write history again !!!!

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