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Quelques ressources et références sur Israël

Quelques ressources et références sur Israël

Quelques articles ressources et références sur Israël :

Israel Missile Defense

Israel’s Legal System

Israel-UK Relations

Fact Sheet: Russia-Israel Relations

Fact Sheet: India-Israel Relations

Iran-backed Hamas’s Terrorism Against Fatah

Hamas Charter (1988)

Contacts for Sderot and the South

Terrorism from Bethlehem

Jerusalem by the Numbers

A History of Iran’s Defiance of Nuclear Negotiations

Coexistence between Arabs & Jews in Israel

Israel´s Water Problem

French – Israeli Relations

German-Israeli Relations

Timeline of Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Hamas Threat

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: In His Own Words

Post-Disengagement Violence and Attacks Against Israel (July 2006-August 2007)

Post-Disengagement Violence and Attacks against Israel (July 2006-August 2007)

Timeline of Israeli Peace Measures: Release of Palestinian Prisoners

Zbeidi, Zacharia

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Al-Fatah Tanzim

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Key Egyptian and Jordanian Security Threats After Hamas-Led Gaza Coup

Timeline of Diplomatic Efforts to Release Kidnapped Israeli Corporal (Cpl.) Gilad Shalit from 2006 to Present

Brutal Acts of Violence between Hamas and Fatah from June 4-June 12, 2007

List of Deaths Caused by Qassam Rockets and Mortar Fire

List of Sderot and Area Contacts Available for Comment

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: In His Own Words

Timeline of Hamas-Iran Ties

Palestinian Insecurity

Timeline of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Ties with Iran

Iran Press Kit

Fact Sheet: Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami

Fact Sheet: Iran-Leading State Sponsor of Terror

Fact Sheet: Ahmadinejad’s Views on Israel and the Holocaust

Fact Sheet: Ahmadinejad’s Extremist Religious Views

The Hezbollah-Israel Conflict: By the Numbers

One Year Post-Disengagement: The After-Effects

Hezbollah’s Rocket Arsenal: Inside Information

International Peace-Keeping Forces

Middle East Shuttle Diplomacy by U.S. Secretaries of State

Palestinian ‘Prisoners’ Agreement’: No Basis for Peace Deal with Israel

Israel Acts to Prevent Barrage of Rocket Attacks from Gaza; Investigation Shows Israel Not Responsible for Friday Beach Deaths

Israel by the Numbers on the Eve of its 58th Year of Independence

Electoral Parties and Representative Seats Eligible for the 17th Knesset

A Complete Guide to Israel’s Political Parties

Iranian Comments and Cartoon Contest Illustrate Hostility Toward Israel and the West

Israeli Textbooks : A Snapshot of Lessons in Israeli Classrooms

Teaching the Culture of Hate in Palestinian Classrooms

Culture of Hate

Hamas’ Participation in Palestinian Legislative Elections Violates Oslo Accords

Terror on the Northern Border

Main Events on the Israel-Lebanon Border since May 2000

Security Fence Saves Lives


Palestinian Refugees

Weapons Smuggling

Universal Healthcare

Security Fence

The City of Sderot


Iran and Hezbollah

Weapons Smuggling Tunnels in Gaza

Israel’s Disengagement Plan

Terrorist Attacks in Israel

Right to Vote

Arabs in Politics

Freedom of Press

Teaching Peace in Israeli Classrooms

Disengagement 2005: Numbers to Know

Israel’s Withdrawal from Sinai 1979-1982

Women’s Rights

Religious Freedom in Israel

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