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Haine d’Israël : L’Iran fête sa Journée annuelle d’Al-Quds en chantant « Mort à Israël »

Haine d’Israël  : L’Iran fête sa Journée annuelle d’Al-Quds en chantant « Mort à Israël »

L’Iran fête sa Journée annuelle d’Al-Quds avec une exposition de missiles, alors que des millions de personnes se répandent dans les rues du pays pour brûler les drapeaux israéliens et américains, en chantant « mort à Israël » .

Des millions d’Iraniens se sont répandus dans les rues ce vendredi matin alors que des rassemblements anti-israéliens ont été lancés dans tout le pays, les manifestants condamnant l’État juif, chantant des insultes vitrioles et criant « Mort à Israël ».

Outre la mise à feu habituel des drapeaux israéliens et américains, les marcheurs ont posé un cercueil dans la rue portant des images du visage du président américain Trump, bordé de drapeaux américains et surmonté de multiples drapeaux israéliens.

Burning Israeli and American flags

L’Iran a également affiché trois missiles balistiques de surface à surface, y compris le Zolfaghar – le type de missile que l’Iran a utilisé cette semaine pour cibler le groupe d’Etat islamique en Syrie. Les rassemblements anti-israéliens sont un événement annuel marquant la Journée Al-Quds, le nom arabe historique de Jérusalem.

L’Iran ne reconnaît pas Israël et appuie fermement les groupes militaires terroriste, dont le Hamas palestinien et le Hezbollah libanais. Jeudi, le leader iranien Ali Hosseini Khamenei a déclaré: « Ce n’est pas seulement que nous défendons des personnes opprimées qui ont été expulsées de leurs maisons, nous nous battons aussi contre un système politique oppressif et arrogant ».

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  • 7 thoughts on “Haine d’Israël : L’Iran fête sa Journée annuelle d’Al-Quds en chantant « Mort à Israël »

    1. Salmon

      Home || Global Forum Past Meetings || AJC Global Forum Blog
      1. What is Al Quds Day?

      On the last Friday of Ramadan—June 23, 2017—protesters around the world will mark Al Quds Day, dedicated to supporting the rights of Palestinians and protesting the existence of Israel and the Jewish “occupation” of Jerusalem. Al Quds Day was established in 1979 in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and has found a home in western cities like London (which held a rally early, on June 18) and Berlin.

      2. How is it celebrated?

      The day is marked by anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist demonstrations that masquerade as pro-Palestinian rallies. The well-organized events are often held in highly visible central venues. They promote anti-Israel sentiments and validate the terrorist organization Hezbollah, whose supporters play a key role planning the rallies. Past demonstrations have included mock killings of Jews, burning of Israeli flags, and loud chanting of slogans threatening Jews and Israel.

      3. What happened in London last week?

      Over 700 people participated in the London Al Quds Day demonstration on Sunday, June 18. As always, there were numerous anti-Semitic manifestations, including the propagation of despicable conspiracy theories. Protesters even went so far as to blame “Zionists” for the fire that engulfed London’s Grenfell Tower, killing at least 79 people. There were also allegations that Israel stands behind the terrorist organization ISIS. These assertions are now being investigated as potential hate crimes by London’s Metropolitan Police. London’s Jewish community held a well-attended counter-rally nearby.

      A few weeks before the rally, over 3,000 Londoners signed a petition urging Mayor Sadiq Khan, a signatory of AJC’s Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism campaign, to ban this year’s march. The petition called the annual event a display of extremism that has no place in the UK, especially in the wake of several recent terrorist attacks and hate crimes. Unfortunately, Mayor Khan concluded that he did not have the legal authority, as mayor, to cancel the event. Not only did the march take place, but it also gave Hezbollah supporters an opportunity to unfurl the flag of a terrorist organization in the midst of a key European city. The Berlin city government, on the other hand, does not allow the display of Hezbollah insignia because it is a terrorist organization.

      4. What should we expect on Friday?

      This week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on the world to come out in massive numbers for Friday’s official Al Quds Day, saying: “The Palestinian cause will not sink into oblivion.” And come out they will – demonstrations are expected from Copenhagen to Chicago and Dublin to Dallas. As in years past, the rallies will include members of the Jewish fringe anti-Zionist Neturei Karta group, so sponsors can claim the event is anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic.


    2. midom

      Salmon: with midget Goebbels’ grandson: Achhamidnedjad, who spoke twice freely in front of the UN about the annihilation of the jewish race without beeing interrupted……!

    3. LeClairvoyant

      Tous les pays qui pratiquent le haine d’Israël, vont sombrer dans leur propre haine, car cacher ses problèmes avec l’antisémitisme n’a pas grandi un homme ni un pays.

    4. Salmon

      I’m agree with you
      and armadinedjad wanted to present for the new election of iran
      the mollah don’t want Jews too
      iran want the death of the Jews in the wold

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